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A few words on: Me

Once again, thank you and welcome to all who have joined.

I am 21 and I live in the Pacific Northwest where I am a student of political philosophy.

I spent my early teens as a computer geek, so I have a lingering interest in technology, but my academic interests are now mostly in politics and philosophy.

I enjoy writing very much, and have just today decided to start work on my first book. I would be very surprised to even finish it, let alone get published, but it will be a good experience no matter what happens.

I am an avid reader. I enjoy both sci-fi/fantasy and academic texts. People are constantly asking me if the book I'm reading is for a class, and I always get odd looks when I say that it's for my own personal enjoyment. Typically I have between 3 and 12 books lying around with bookmarks in them, some of which I haven't picked up in 6 months or more. My reading list is already longer than I care to think about and is still growing by the day.

I don't honestly believe much in astrology, but I am a fairly typical Virgo in many ways, so I like to joke about that and use it as a silly excuse for silly things.

Politically, I am a mix of many ideas, largely influenced by libertarian philosophy, relativism, and Robert A Heinlein. I mostly identify with the Libertarian party and am voting for Badnarik in November, but am not a registered member. Before I found the Libertarian party I called myself a Rational Anarchist (which was taken from Robert A Heinlien, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress), and am very much a minarchist.

I created this community for two distinct reasons. I do not wish for fame, but I do fear being (as Keats put it so elegantly) one whose name was writ in water. It scares me to think that when I die, my words and ideas could die with me. I also worry on a daily basis about the society (both global and national) that my children and grandchildren and so forth will get to grow up in. I view liberty not only as something we need to secure for ourselves, but as said in the preamble to the Constitution, "for ... our posterity."

Feel free to question or comment, I'd hate for anyone here to misunderstand where I am coming from or how I tend to think.
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