You say you want a revolution... (cmdrbean) wrote in ourposterity,
You say you want a revolution...

Heh, accidentally posted this to my personal journal before I went to sleep. Here ya go.

Alright guys and gals, here's the deal. This community is all about the future. Do you have an opinion, are you curious what other people think? Do you wonder if humanity in X years will hate, love, respect, or simply be confused by what our society is today? Maybe you are concerned about leaving our children and on down the line with enormous debts or explosive political climates.

If it has to do with the future of our societies, then it almost definitely belongs here. Feel free to post polls, inquiries, rants, formal debates, passing thoughts, or anything else that connects us to our future and vice versa.

I'll go ahead and post the first on topic inquiry.

Assuming that our political system changes in any meaningful way, what do you think will be the common opinion of our current political system (bipartisan, largely popularity based, filled with mudslinging) in say 3 to 5 or so generations? Also, what do you think are some of the most likely large scale changes that will take place, and what implications do you see them having?
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