msonoda (msonoda) wrote in ourposterity,

What happens when you cross a realist with a libertarian?

In short, you get me.

I'm Megan, currently residing in Idaho.

I am a self-employed airframe and powerplant mechanic, having picked up the trade in the US Air Force.

As far as my views go, I'm generally libertarian except in regards to foreign policy. In a world where
even third world nations are gaining the ability to launch first strikes that can incapacitate even the
US, isolationism and noninterventionism are no longer rational options. But unlike the methods chosen by
the current administration, I don't think full-scale sending in the troops is the best plan.

Economicly, I'm partial to laissez faire capitalism, as I have seen no examples in my lifetime of anything
that government intrusion or regulation has actually improved.

In most other matters, I'm very individualist. And on a personal level I tend to find collectivism of any
form to be insulting at best, morally bankrupt and tyrannical at worst.

As to what I see as the likely course of things, balklanization of North America likely following something
that would likely be called a civil war in some points of view. And I actually consider such an occurrence to
be a good thing in the long run. Presently the US, and because of its sole superpower status, militarily and
economicly, is stagnating both itself, and the rest of the world. When one person holds all the cards, their
view tends to carry the day. Whether or not that view is correct according to reality or not.
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