You say you want a revolution... (cmdrbean) wrote in ourposterity,
You say you want a revolution...

The first post, rules and a bit about this community.

This is a community for anyone concerned with the future, what our descendents will think of us, and what they will inherit from us. Please use this community to discuss how we are currently affecting future generations, to speculate on what the future may bring, or even to write notes to our posterity attempting to explain what in damnation we were thinking. Who knows if what you write will be around, but this is a chance to be heard. I think it would be great if eventually some of the better posts or threads could somehow be preserved (beyond the scope of this site) for those who will follow, but I leave that up to you.

A few general guidelines before you get to posting:

- Please refrain from 'trolling,' 'flaming,' or otherwise defaming anyone. Legitimate debate and discussion are welcomed, but keep it civil, and please try to back up your arguments as much as possible.

- Please use an lj-cut if there is a large image in your post, or if your post is more than about one screen in length at a standard font size.

- Please refrain from promoting totally unrelated communities or soliciting for any cause.

- Feel free to crosspost, but please post your topic in it's entirety instead of linking to another journal.

- We all understand that spelling and grammar errors happen, but if you make no effort to make your post readable, don't expect people to make an effort to take you seriously.

- After you join, I encourage you to introduce yourself. You won't be removed if you don't, but it will give us an idea of what background you are coming from and what your interests are.

This is an open community, but I do reserve the right to ban anyone who is out of order more often than not. Please try to keep things civil, we all understand that people will disagree, but there is no need for any form of personal attack. Just remember, we're all in this together.

Finally I would just like to amend that my primary goals for this community are social and political in nature, but you are free to discuss anything that is within the scope of this community as outlined above.
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